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 Offering a large variety of Attar used in Indian sweet, meditation, traditional chores prepared from pure botanical source

We, Shiv Sales Corporation, are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a remarkable array of Attar. These highly concentrated natural perfume oils are offered in small quantities for their use as a personal perfume. Some other areas where these perfumes are widely used include Indian sweet, meditation, traditional chores, etc. Our hand made Natural Attar are true aromatic wealth, prepared from pure botanical sources through steam distillation process. Herbs, woods and flowers are used to extract oil and prepare traditional perfumes with spellbinding and long lasting aroma. The offered Attar are free from any type of chemicals or alcohols, thus, applied directly on the skin, not on cloths. Their concentrated quantity lasts for a long period of time as a very minimal amount is applied in a single use. The fragrance of our Natural Attar disperses in the environment slowly and gradually by evaporating through body temperature.

Shiva Sales Corporation specializes in offering a large variety of Attar in remarkable packaging. We are recognized as a commendable exporter, manufacturer and supplier of the industry, engaged in producing aromatic natural scents that are widely appreciated across the globe. Attar is a highly concentrated natural perfume that is offered in small quantities for personal use. Owing to their natural properties and purity, these are used in meditation, Indian sweets, traditional rituals, etc.

We ensure to offer exclusive handmade Attar that is prepared from pure botanical resources through steam distillation process. Various types of herbs, flowers, woods, etc. are used for extracting oil and preparing natural fragrances called Attar. This type of fragrance has a long lasting effect, in comparison to any other perfume available in the market. You have to apply very minimal quantity on to the skin or clothes. The fragrance of attar naturally disperses into the environment by gradually evaporating due to body temperature. Moreover, the wide gamut offered by us is free from alcohol, chemicals, etc. and are absolutely safe to use.

Product Attributes:
  • Hygienically prepared
  • Long lasting and captivating fragrance
  • Longer shelf life
  • Highly concentrated & strong
  • Skin friendly
  • Zero adulterants

Product Specifications:

  • Perfumery Type: Natural Attars,Natural Fragrances
  • Raw Material & Ingredients: Natural & Herbal
  • Extraction Type: Liquid extraction
  • Available Quantity: As per order
  • Natural Variety: Natural Attars
  • Purity Level: 100% natural
  • Herb Extrade: 100% natural
  • Oil Purity: 100%
Application areas:
  • Fine cosmetics, perfumery and aromatherapy
Natural Attars
Natural Attars
We also produce various natural attars that are used in the form of scents. These attars are available in different exotic fragrances that are charming and highly captivating.