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Ayurvedic Oil

Ayurvedic oil is a calming, soothing, moistening and lubricating oil. It carries a special place in the Ayurvedic tradition as a highly ultimate nourisher and carrier of love. The oil conducts these qualities deep into the body part of the body. It has been relied upon for thousands of years as a primal part of Ayurveda. Also, it is traditionally utilized for Ayurvedic healing in an assortment of ways including cooking, massage, raw consumption, gargling, basti (colon nourishment), bathing, and nasya (nasal passage nourishment). This base oil is infused with a decoction of one or more than one Ayurvedic herbs. Amalagameted with the nourishing as well as soothing qualities of different herbs, Ayurvedic Oil is noted for its optimal healing properties.